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Sailor Moon Shrine

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Welcome to Luna's Sailor Moon Shrine!

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Sailor RPG

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Hi! I'm Luna, and this is my site dedicated to Sailor Moon and the Scouts. This website is still under construction however so give me a while and it will be finished. I hope you like my site! :)

On this site I will have a Fan Art Section, a picture gallery, biographies of each Sailor Scout (and their friends), and hopefully a quiz.

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What's New?

I am creating something that I would like to call "Question of the Week" It is a question that you can answer in my guestbook (there is a specific section for it) and I would like it if you were to put the # of the question so I know which one it is. It is kind of like a contest and I will post the winners every week. The prize is a link to your homepage on my site, and if you don't have a page, then you get nothing. I know... the prizes are not that good, but what else is there??

"Question of the Week" (#1)
Which Sailor Scout are you most like, and why?